With the demanding lifestyle of contemporary times, people are forced to do more, work faster, and think harder. It’s then not at all shocking that more and more people suffer from a migraine, cluster headache, tension or a chronic headache. Luckily, there are ways to remedy headaches, the cheapest of which may be a head massager, also known as head tingler.
What’s a head massager?
Head massagers are great tools which have multiple functions. They can be used as a scalp scratcher (for when your head itches), scalp stimulator for hair growth (for when you want to have thicker hair), and scalp massager (for when your head aches). They can be extremely soothing, especially if you want to relieve stress and unknot tights nerves in your head.
There are different kinds of head tingler including wire head scratcher or metal head scratcher, electric head scratcher, air massagers, etc. Each of them comes with different features. If it’s your first time to buy this tool, then you might be having a hard time picking the perfect one for you. The market will present you a lot of options; however, you’ll find that the best head massager is the one that best fits your needs.
To help you choose the best one to buy, here is an examination of the features of different head massagers.

1. Electric Head Scratcher / Massager

Electric head scratchers come in different designs, but their function is basically the same. They use electricity to massage the scalp. Then, they convert the energy to heat, or vibration in order to create different intensities of pressure. The pressure will then be directed to the head and aim to address headache.

Common features of an electric head scratcher include the following:
• Design that range from being handheld to helmets that cover the entire head
• It comes with or without heat settings
• Massage setting that ranges from intensity 1 to 8
• Speed may or may not be adjustable
• It may or may not be able to produce music
Features of the head scratcher mainly depend on the brand and design. Some electric head scratchers have different vibration modes and come with records of soothing sounds about nature. Though not as portable as the previous kind of massager, this one can still be brought anywhere.
The greatest benefit of an electric head scratcher is that is a good scalp stimulator for hair growth. In fact, there are some designs that are good to use while in the shower. Moreover, it’s very easy to use. As a person doesn’t have to exert his or her own energy to make it work, it eliminates hassle.

Electric Head Scratcher / Massager
Electric Head Scratcher / Massager

Other benefits are :

• It relieves head pain.
• It helps a person go to sleep.
• It uplifts the mood.
• It provides relaxation and makes people calmer.
If convenience is what a person is looking for in a head massager, then this one definitely meets the requirement.

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2. Wire Head Scratcher

Also known as a metal head scratcher, this is a manually operated head massager. It usually has prongs made of flexible copper wires with plastic caps at the ends, and metal, wood or plastic handle. It’s specifically designed to massage the head gently. Wire Head Scratcher sends tingling sensation to a person’s scalp through its fingers or prongs that are customized to fit any size of head. Prongs of typical wire head scratcher are usually of two lengths; some are slightly longer than the others. They are fitted alternatively to the handle.

Wire Head Scratcher
Wire Head Scratcher

Other features of this metal head scratcher are:
• Weight ranges from 0.6 ounces to 1 ounce
• Dimensions vary, but usually ranges from 3.5 x 5 x 6.5 inches to 5 x 5 x 11 inches
• Number of prongs are more or less 12
This head massager can easily be used. Move the thing up and down the head. Since the metal prongs are adjustable, they will bend and reposition themselves to match a person’s movements. The plastic caps will stimulate nerve endings in the head, thus giving a relaxing sensation. Using the head tingler can give other benefits, like:
• Being a portable scalp scratcher
• Functioning as scalp stimulator for hair growth
• Increasing blood circulation
• Reducing stress and calming a person
Generally, this one is the best head massager for people who always travel and want something portable with them.

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3. Air Massagers

Like the previous one, this kind of head massager is powered by electricity or battery. The only difference is that it converts the energy into air pressure that serves as acupuncture and targets different points in the head that need massaging.

Features of air massagers usually include:
• Different function modes
• Air pressure settings
• Music selections
• High or Low Temperature
Aside from giving scalp massage, another benefit of air massagers is that the air pressure firmly kneads the head and gives it a vibrating massage so that it relaxes constricted arteries and tight muscles from the front to the back of the head. Thus, it alleviates stress, strain, and anxiety. All these things can be done by simply putting the device on his head. A person can sit, turn it on, and relax while lying on a bed, or sitting on a chair.
Though more expensive than the previous kinds of head massagers, this one can still be considered as the best head massager for those looking for something which has more features and provides more comfort.
Features of head massagers depend on what brand you’re buying, so it will pay to examine each product and see whether it’s worth the price.
If you’re one that travels a lot and only have a short span of time to do the head massage, the first one would be the best choice for you. However, if you’re a person that needs to take an extended rest after a long, hard day, then electric head scratcher or air massager would be better. However, whether you choose wire head scratcher, electric head scratcher, or air massager, you’ll have to see to it that they are suitable to your budget and lifestyle.


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